Vision & Mission

 Vision of the Department:

To create globally competent professionals in the field of engineering, imparting excellent teaching, research environment, collaborative activities and techno-services for real world applications.

Mission of the Department:

  • To Educate and empower the students with latest trends in electronics and communication engineering to meet the growing real world challenges.
  • To impart quality education with experienced and qualified teaching faculty.
  • To inculcate professional ethics and morals in preparing responsible citizens.
  • To carry out research and development and collaborative activities.

Programme Educational Objectives:

  PEO 1: To acquire cognizant fundamental knowledge in the subjects like engineering mathematics, physics & chemistry and basic engineering.

  PEO 2: To impart technical knowledge using modern tools, new technologies and MOU’s with industries in order to design and develop products for societal needs.

  PEO 3: To develop leadership qualities and ability to work effectively in teams in diverse professions of varied technical/non technical services.

  PEO 4: To inculcate research aptitude so as to engage in lifelong learning with ethical and holistic attitude.


Programme Outcomes:


Program Outcomes


Graduates will be able to apply the principles of basic sciences, mathematics, and engineering fundamentals in finding solutions to complex problems. (Engineering Knowledge)


Graduates will acquire critical thinking skills, problem solving abilities, and familiarity with the computational procedures essential to the field. (Problem Analysis)


Graduates will be able to plan, analyze and design various types of systems required for technical advancements and societal needs. (Design/development of solutions)


Graduates will be able to use research based knowledge to conduct experiments and interpret experimental data. (Investigations)


Graduates gain hands on experience in using latest software and hardware tools for obtaining solutions to engineering problems. (Modern tools usage)


Graduates will be able to apply knowledge gained to tackle societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues. (Society)


Graduates will possess adequate knowledge required for sustainable development keeping in view environmental effects and real life problems. (Environment & Sustainability)


Graduates will have professional ethics and the culture of practicing the established norms of engineering. (Ethics)


Graduates will acquire the capability of working productively as individuals, as members or leaders in teams in any environment. (Team Work)


Graduates will be able to articulate their ideas clearly with excellent communication skills and prepare technical reports. (Communication skills)


Graduates will acquire knowledge required for project and finance management. (Project management)


Graduates will have ability to engage in lifelong learning to keep abreast of ever changing technology. (Lifelong learning)

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