‘MICBIC’ is an initiative to create a network to support innovation driven start-ups. We believe in the power of collaboration and thus provide entrepreneurs an opportunity to connect with each other, mentors and investors in addition to basic office infrastructure.

    Additionally, the Incubator creates a great industry-academia interface and provides students an opportunity to interact with entrepreneurs and mentors in an open, informal environment and gain practical exposure.



      The centre aims to act as a platform to create an interface between academia, business and research. It also aims to prepare men and women of character to lead, innovate, and think entrepreneurially whether in business, ministry, or public service–to be role models and job creators, rather than just job seekers.

Objectives of the Business Incubator:

  • The main objective of the scheme is to encourage students, research scholars and alumni to share their ideas to solve chosen problems which are local centric and to validate, refine and nurture the ideas.
  • Incubation center shall provide an ecosystem to convert the ideas into proof of concept and upgrade them to a level of commercial value.
  • Promotion of technology based new enterprises.
  • Creating value added jobs and services.
  • After successful incubation, encourage and lead the teams towards setting up a business enterprise.
  • Providing support services to entrepreneurs.

KEY Areas:

  • To begin with, Business Incubators are proposed to be promoted in following selected thrust areas which have potential for faster growth:
  • Information & Communication Technology (ICT)
  • APP development
  • Web development
  • Communication engineering areas
  • Mechanical engineering areas


  1. Arrange the Industry-Academia collaborative programmes in Science and Technology to expose researchers of the University to take up challenging research initiatives which have industrial applications
  2. Provide opportunities for the interested students to become entrepreneurs through technological and other supports as incubate companies in the Campus.
  3. Assistance of the centre will include provision of bank-assisted seed money, accommodation for entrepreneurs/trainees in the campus, mentoring, development of business plans, business promotion, incubation space of three sizes 500 sq.ft.,325 sq.ft. and 250 sq.ft. in the campus, seminar/conference hall, office support, library and documentation assistance, obtaining of finance, advertisement agencies, legal experts, and the like.




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