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 The purpose of the MIC Association of Mechanical Engineers (MICAME) is to represent current graduate students with in the Mechanical Engineering department at Devineni Venkata Ramana & Dr Hima Sekhar MIC College Of Technology. Our goal is to organize social and professional activities which strengthen and enrich the community within the department, and to help publicize various research activities within the department. We organize social hours, host talks by guest speakers and students, and help communicate with the department and the Graduate Student Council.

We encourage all current Mechanical Engineering graduate students to come forward and participate in the group. Members along with the MICAME officers play important roles in many of MICAME's initiatives, activities, and student advocacy issues.


MIC ASSOCIATION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS is an association by the students of the department of Mechanical Engineering, DEVINENI VENKATA RAMANA & Dr. HIMA SEKHAR MIC COLLEGE OF THECHNOLOGY, KANCHIKACHERLA. This organization is intended to provide a proven GROUND to unearth the latent skills and innovative talents of the students by helping them on to their areas of interest and aptitude. The association provides a solid platform for the one who is in need of those resources so that he/she can utilize them in pursuit of excellence and embrace their destiny. At the same time, it wishes to inculcation of the social responsibility for the better co-relationships in the social circle.



To nurture excellence in various fields of engineering by imparting timeless core values to the learners and to mould the institution into a center of academic excellence and advanced research.


To impart high Quality technical education in order to mould the learners into globally competitive technocrats who are professionally deft, intellectually adept and socially responsible. The Institution strives to make the learners inculcate and imbibe pragmatic perception and pro-active nature so as to enable them to acquire a vision for exploration and an insight for advanced enquiry.


• To promote good will between the students and the institution.

• To make one ready to face any circumstances any where.

• To provide full hand grip on the skills that showcases individual traits

• To promote social responsibility by increasing social culture.

• To bring out the creativity of the students.

• To extract the hidden skills of the talented students in general and technical accepts.

• To brush up their application skills through practical knowledge.

• To make them practically understand the real competitive world.


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