Department Club


About the Association:

 System Engineers Association of MIC (SEAMIC) is an association of student group activities which was inaugurated on 2nd September 2006 by Dr. T. Hanuman Chowdary, former IT Adviser to Government of Andhra Pradesh. The main thought of forming up of this association is that the students are found to be completely engaged with their academic studies and have no recreation to polish their skills and talents. Though there are so many built-in qualities in them, they were lagging behind in this competitive world, as they have no time to concentrate on such matters. As the students spend most of their valuable time in the college campus itself, they must be given a chance of providing themselves in front of the experienced persons. 

Hence that gave rise to a thought of making "The buds flower up with their fragrance", which could be made possible with this association called "SEAMIC" with its motto "Destiny Through Innovation".


Theme of the Association:

The main theme of formation of student group is to make them active, be aware of all the latest trends and competitions that arise in the academics and other activities. The outcome of which is to make them competent and all-time outstanding achievers. The overall concentration is in improving their communication skills, self-management of tasks, making them bold enough to face the competitive world, making them gain excess knowledge other than book-knowledge and finally to make them build-up brotherhood relations in public. 

Role of Students:

This association is mainly comprised of students. This is because students should be able to learn many issues like managing and doing tasks other than what they regularly study in classrooms. The whole program planning, organization and the participations are taken over by the students under proper guidance of the faculty members. A student body - the representatives of different aspects are selected and guided by the faculty to carry out the whole program implementation.

Achieving the Target:

The members and the faculty of the CSE Department are confident to achieve the theme of the association as we have already proved that our students are so talented as they were able to initiate themselves in sketching out the Logo of the association that depicts "A human empowering the knowledge of Computers". Also the motto and title of the association are being selected from a list of competing entries that were collected from the students. Though it takes some time to achieve the target, we assure that we have made up a path that leads them towards the destiny through their innovations.

Activities of SEAMIC:

Different activities that come under SEAMIC to make the students skilled and talented around the general and technical aspects are:


  • Seminars
  • Debates
  • Extempore
  • Quiz
  • Goup Discussions
  • IQs
  • Team-oriented technical tasks (Practical)
  • Current Affairs
  • Cultural Activities


  • Guest Lectures by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  •  Career Guidance by Resource Persons
  • Management Skills by Resource Persons
  • Workshops
  • Techno fests
  • Trial Lectures by skilled Senior Students

Initiation & Extension of SEAMIC:

As it is the initiation of SEAMIC - the inaugural function is being carried out at first. Every academic year, an opening function of SEAMIC is being conducted along with the schedule of the Fresher’s Day and all the above-mentioned activities are carried out among students throughout the year, depending on the academic schedule. At the end of the academic year, a closing function is being conducted along with the schedule of Farewell Party in which all the winners of the competitions will be given prizes.

Objectives of SEAMIC:

The main objectives that incorporate the activities of SEAMIC, which leads to the success of students, are:

  • Encouraging the students and improving their confidence level
  • Extracting the hidden skills of the talented students in general and technical aspects
  • Improving the Communication Skills, Self-Management Skills and Discipline etc.
  • To affirm the roots of continuous learning process and to make them aware of all the new trends
  • Upgrading on the latest issues in IT & real world
  • Practically making them understand the competitions in the real world
  • Inculcating the humanly and brotherly relations in them to deal with the public
  • Brushing up their application skills through practical knowledge
  • To make them get into immediate employment after their course completion
  • To make them succeed in the Campus Selections and to route up their better future
  • To find the students who have research-oriented skills and training them on interested areas through proper guidance
  • To bring out the creativity of the students
  • Finally, to make them all-rounder’s in all aspects.