The B.Tech degree program is designed to achieve a balance between depth of knowledge acquired through specialization and breadth of knowledge gained through exploration. The undergraduate degree courses offered by the department provide a comprehensive foundation in the core topics of Mechanical Engineering coupled with an area of specialization relevant to emerging challenges.

The curriculum has been designed to create professional Mechanical Engineers, who can serve in the fields of core computer engineering, information and other related fields.







In MECH, there is growing awareness that the future training and education of mechanical engineers in the industry needs to be in the area of highly efficient, industry-relevant skills formation, to enable frequent and rapid deployment of professional skills in new areas. As a step in this direction, the postgraduate program in Mechanical Engineering was evolved.



M.Tech (Machine Design)




The Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (DME) is the course which was started by the institution in the year 2013. The main objective to start this course is to make the students to gain technical knowledge and skills related to a wide range of industries, providing with endless possibilities for the carrer.




Diploma in Mechanical Engineering



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