• To foster innovation and create an entrepreneurial culture in the institution.     
  • To conduct:  

Entrepreneurship Awareness campus          (EAC)  

Entrepreneurship Development program   (EDP)

Faculty Development Program                      (FDP)

Skill Development Program                           (SDP)

  • To promote linkages with Govt. institutions, industries & other organizations that is  engaged in promoting small & medium enterprises.
  • To provide services including information guidance to budding entrepreneurs.
  • To develop incubation center to facilitate the interested entrepreneurs to test and simulate the ideas.


     Activities of the Entrepreneurship Development Cell:

  • To prepare a module on Entrepreneurship Development in consultation partnering various Govt and private agencies.
  • To organize talks by successful entrepreneurs ,a way of motivating young entrepreneurs.
  • To organize guest lectures by officials from Entrepreneurship Development Center, EDI, relevant government agencies and Industries.
  • Initiate and conduct idea hunt competition in the campus to gather business ideas.
  • To collect ideas business and build a database for use by interested entrepreneurs.
  • To conduct research work and survey for identifying entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • To help the interested entrepreneurs to prepare project proposal.
  • To guide the students in collecting information in obtaining their project approvals, bank loans and all other supporting facilities.
  • To provide skill development programs to students.
  • To provide faculty development programs in the institution.
  • To conduct in-house training program/workshops/seminars in the field of entrepreneurship Development studies.
  • Developing reference materials booklet, course material for various training program.
  • Periodic discussions with Entrepreneurs & Consultants.
  • To develop business incubation center.
  • Prepare / collect relevant Case Studies for reference by the interested entrepreneurs.
  • Coverage of Industrial Exhibition & Trade Fairs (Information Gathering).  


1  Mr. P. Rajendran M.B.A, (Ph.D) DMS  Coordinator
2  Mr. C.M Vijay Kiran MBA., M.Com., M.Phil., (Ph.D) DMS  Deputy Program Coordinator
3  Mr. Vinanand M.Tech ECE   Member
4  Mr. D.Prasad M.Tech., (Ph.D) CSE & IT  Member
5  Mr. V V Ajay Kumar Varma M.Tech Civil  Member
6  Mr. N Vasu  M.Tech ME  Member
7  Mr. Gangadhar M.Tech EEE  Member
8  Dr. K Praveen   Ph.D (Chemistry), NET BED  Member