Department activities

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering comprises of three student chapters:

  1. Computer Society of India-CSI
  2. The Indian Society for Technical Education-ISTE
  3. The Institution of Engineers-IE

The activities are being organized under SEAMIC in association with the student chapters are


Event Description


1. A Two-Day training session on Office-365 for II, III & IV year B.Tech students from 30-06-2017.

2. A Two Day workshop on Internet of Things for II B.Tech Students by Mr Ahmed from 25-07-2017 to 26-07-2017

3. A Two Day workshop on SQL and PL/SQL Programming for III B.Tech Students by Mr G Prakash Chakravarthy from 27-07-2017 to 28-07-2017
4. Stakeholders Meeting conducted to B.Tech Students
5. Engineer's Day Celebrations-2017
6. Personality Development Session by Prof. Sandhya K, IIIT Hyderabad for Students of II B.Tech on 23-09-2017
7. Social awareness program by Mr. R V Nagarjun and GGR Kiran from WPD India organization to II, III, and IV B.Tech Students on 03-01-2018

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